Mold Polyurethane Foam Industry Panel - VOC Team

Thursday, November 9, 2017

The directive of the Industry Panel is to provide support and guidance for the continuous improvement to automotive foam specifications and testing methods. The Industry Panel seeks to leverage collective expertise to promote the harmonization of specifications, test methods, and foam performance requirements within the automotive industry. We recognize the complexity and diversity associated with automotive foam VOCs/Emissions specification requirements established by OEMs and emission regulations introduced by organizations & governments. In pursuit of our directive, the Industry Panel has initiated a series of studies aimed at providing fundamental insight into the measurement of emissions from polyurethane foam to help the industry improve testing methodology, and promote VOC Specification and requirement harmonization Study #1 (completed) – Focused on evaluating the “precision” associated with the measurement of aldehydes emissions from polyurethane seating foam using the micro-chamber method according to ISO 12219-3. • Used best practices for careful foam handling and sample preparation to reduce variability • Precision (per sampling approach – presampling waiting period vs no waiting) • 65 ±2 °C, 20-min equilibration, 2-4 hour collection time, surface vs. bulk samples, etc. Study #2 (In Progress) – A follow-up to the precision study for measuring aldehydes. The focus of our second study in this series is a comparative evaluation of microchamber vs. bag test methods, sample preparation, analytical testing methods. • Data objectives: Compare results & precision of bag vs chamber method, provide feedback to SAE, OEMs, ASTM, ISO, and the greater polyurethane industry. • Evaluate LC/MS/MS data for comparison against LC/MS data.